Weakley County Baptist Association
Monday, July 28, 2014
A Family of Churches
The Weakley County Baptist Association (WCBA) is actively searching for a full time Director of Missions (DOM). The WCBA consists of 44 cooperating Southern Baptist churches located in Weakley County; West Tennessee.
WCBA Purpose Statement
To assist the Churches of the Weakley County Baptist Association in accomplishing, together, the Great Commission.
The intentions and objectives of this Association shall be:
  • To promote Christian fellowship and cooperation among the churches affiliated with the Weakley County Baptist Association.
  • To uphold the doctrines and principles of our Baptist faith as set forth in the Articles of Faith* and to encourage the churches of the Weakley County Baptist Association to be loyal to and practice these doctrines and principles.
  • To promote the teaching and preaching of God’s Word.
  • To promote the enlisting and training of all Christians for service.
  • To promote missions, benevolence, stewardship, Christian discipleship and education, true worship of the Living God, personal evangelism and the presentation of the Gospel message to the lost with the end goal of bringing  all persons to a saving knowledge and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  •  To cooperate with the Tennessee Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention in a world mission program.
  •   To provide information concerning the programs of the Tennessee Baptist Convention, the Southern Baptist Convention and the Baptist World Alliance.
    *Articles of Faith referred to here are found in the year 2000 minutes, entitled “The Baptist Faith and Message.”
All interested candidates can submit a current resume to: domsearch@frontier.com
Apply in person at or by mail to: Weakley County Baptist Association
                                                       DOM Search
                                                       195 Hunt St
                                                       Dresden, TN 38225
Deadline for submitting resumes will be January 22, 2014
Applicants must be able to meet the following qualifications:
  • Have pastoral experience or have served as a DOM
  • Be able to serve as a pastor to the pastors in our association
  • Must be a capable preacher of the Word
  • Must have a heart for missions and have shown evidence of this through his involvement in North American Missions and International Missions
  • He should have experience in planning and leading such mission teams
  • Doctrinally he must be willing to commit to and sign the Baptist Faith and Message 2000
  • There must be evidence in his life that he loves God and loves people
DOM Job Duties per the WCBA Constitution & Bylaws:
  • The remuneration of the Director of Missions shall be established at the Annual Association meeting as recommended by the Associational Leadership Team. This shall include both salary and benefits; i.e., retirement, hospitalization, housing, utilities, etc. The Association shall reimburse approved travel expenses for attendance at the Southern Baptist Convention, The Tennessee Baptist Convention, and State Evangelistic Conference, and whatever other meetings the Director of Missions is required to attend by the Association.
  • The Director of Missions, in cooperation with the Missions Team and the Associational Leadership Team shall give supervision, planning, and direction to the work of the Association in its mission program. He shall correlate the work of the Association with that of the Tennessee Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention, and keep the Association advised of all such activities, programs, and endeavors in which the association shall have a part. The Associational Leadership Team shall have the right to give the Director of Missions and the Missions Team directives relating to the work of the Association.
  • The Director of Missions may conduct three revivals during the year, with only two outside the Association; and may participate in any World Missions Conferences authorized by the Associational Leadership Team.
  • The Director of Missions shall be permitted to keep all monies received while supplying for churches in the Association, either at the request of the pastor or the churches themselves, but he shall be expected to fill the pulpit of any pastor during illness or death in the family without additional pay, unless previously engaged.
  • The Director of Missions shall be allowed, with pay, a two-week vacation after one year of employment and for every year thereafter until he has served in full-time vocational Christian service for ten years, after which he will be allowed three weeks. The time of this vacation period shall be selected by the Director of Missions, keeping in mind the over-all activities within the Association and with the approval of the Associational Leadership Team.
  • The Director of Missions shall promote all the works of the Association Teams and organizations, prepare an annual associational calendar with the guidance of the Associational Leadership Team and directors and team leaders of all stated teams and organizations, and faithfully encourage the churches of the Association to contribute to the Association and to the Cooperative Program. He shall assist individual churches as requested in the financial programs, World Missions Conferences, and other work carried out by the Association. When called upon, he shall take the lead in counseling with churches in the establishing of new missions. He shall seek to promote soul-winning in the Association and assist the Association in conducting Vacation Bible Schools in churches within the Association unable to have VBS, who have requested assistance by the Association. He shall aid any church seeking his help in areas of disruptive fellowship within that church.
  • The Director of Missions shall not serve as interim pastor for any church in or out of the Association but may preach for not more than four consecutive Sundays in any one church, unless the pastor is ill or permission is granted by the ALT in unusual circumstances.
  • The Director of Missions shall work with each church within the Association that requests his help, with the first church requesting such help being given preference.